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Subject: CfP Docuverse Symposium 2018: Expanding documentary - Ecologies and dialogues

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Dear colleagues,

it is this time of the year when we reach out to fellow practitioners and
scholars in the field of documentary and ethnographic filmmaking to send in
proposals for our annual Docuverse Symposium to be held on the 9th of February
2018 at RMIT University in Melbourne.
Docuverse began as a symposium in 2016 and is now an ongoing bimonthly forum
for the discussion of the intersection between theory, practice and industry
in the expanding field of documentary. Our aim is to primarily show
interactive, participatory, essayistic, installation and locative creative
works (either finished or in progress) and explore how these practices
challenge what documentary can be and do.

Attached is the call for papers. Please don't hesitate to circulate further.

Best wishes,

Franziska Weidle, M.A.
Research Fellow
University of Gttingen, Germany

Expanding documentary: Ecologies and dialogues

Since its inception in 2016, Docuverse has been aiming to bring together a
diverse range of people from independent filmmakers and artists to
research-practitioners and industry representatives. With its third iteration,
our symposium will continue to foster these cross-disciplinary conversations
that are increasingly necessary to navigate the expanded documentary

For our annual event on the 9th of February 2018 at RMIT University in
Melbourne, we invite contributors from different backgrounds to open dialogues
into various directions:

- between filmmaking, programming and design thinking

- around points of tension and contact between different approaches
and skillsets

- on how to navigate challenges that we cannot find clear answers to

- or any other aspect you deem relevant for advancing expanded
documentary further

Following the idea that the electricity comes in the exchange, we specifically
welcome experimental and more dynamic formats such as in-conversations,
provocation-and-response or incubator workshops. To kick things off, on
Thursday the 8th February, we will host a pre-conference evening including
screenings of submitted projects and the launch of our e-Book. If you have a
creative project you would like to show, a conversation proposal, or another
format for a presentation, please send us a few sentences about your work or
idea accompanied with a short description of how you would like to present it
on the day. These proposals should not be longer than 150 words. Preference
will be given to submitters who can attend in person. We also welcome short
creative works submitted for screening.

Please email proposals to Kim at docuverse.symposium@gmail.com by November
20th, 2017.

Docuverse events archive: nonfictionlab.net.au/t/docuverse
Community: facebook.com/groups/docuverse

Docuverse team:
Hannah Brasier (RMIT University)
Nicholas Hansen (RMIT University)
Kim Munro (RMIT University)
Franziska Weidle (University of Gttingen)

Docuverse is supported by RMIT's non/fictionLab
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