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Subject: Journal of Anthropological Films has been launched

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Dear VANEASA list members,

It is a pleasure to announce that the first issue of the Journal of
Anthropological Films (JAF) has been published.

The official announcement of JAF about the journal publishing
anthropological films online:
"The Journal of Anthropological Film (JAF) publishes original, empirically
based contributions that present new insights to the study of human
behaviour through audio-visual means. Contributions should be based on
anthropological or equivalent longer term fieldwork and methods of research.
The films should be directed towards an academic community, for use in
research and teaching of academic disciplines concerned with the cultural
and social diversity of the world, and universal ideas and values.
As JAF will be published as Open Access, the films will have a potential of
reaching a wider audience with an interest in themes of anthropological

Best wishes
Beate Engelbrecht

Dr. Beate Engelbrecht
Co-ordinator of the
Visual Anthropology Network of the
European Association of Social Anthropologists

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