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Letters of support

EASA takes an active role in looking into issues raised by members and colleagues globally, and where appropriate, writes in support of those causes.

Feb 2019: EASA wrote in support of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Read more

Feb 2019: EASA wrote (with WCAA and SIEF) to the Portuguese Science Secretary of State regarding the Frascati manual.

Jan 2019: EASA wrote to the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education. Read the PDF

Sep 2018: EASA wrote in support of the Museu Nacional de Rio de Janeiro after the fire. Read the PDF

Feb 2018: EASA wrote to support a joint social anthropology doctoral programme in the Baltic States. Read the PDF

Jun 2017: EASA wrote to Hungarian Prime Minister regarding CEU. Read the PDF

Apr 2017: EASA wrote to Carlos Moedas (European Commission) regarding CEU. Read the PDF