Executive Election

Election The term of office of the elected members of the present Executive Committee of EASA is coming to an end. We invite applications/nominations from members to stand for election. Candidates must be be nominated and supported by members.

EASA is a self-governing democratic body. The EASA Executive is made up of seven EASA members, five of whom are elected on a biennial basis. The composition of successive Executive Committees shows the pan-European character and remit of EASA. Candidates for election as Trustees must be a resident of Europe or primarily affiliated with a European institution, and their nomination must be supported by another member. All members are strongly encouraged to consider standing for election in order to support a flourishing and scholarly society and European discipline.

No member may be elected to office more than twice in succession: the only exception are up to two members co-opted by the elected Executive so as to ensure the continuity of EASA’s administrative and publishing functions. The Treasurer and Secretary were appointed in 2019, and they can hold office until 2025.

By convention the elected members of the Exec with the highest numbers of votes become President and Vice-President. Other roles within the current Exec include Networks Liaison, Lobbying, PrecAnthro liaison and Media officer. On average Exec members spend about one to two days a month (from 0-5hrs/week) on EASA business, depending on their role. The Exec meets virtually on a regular basis and everyday business is conducted via email and Slack. Key roles for the committee include overseeing the biennial conference, supporting and funding EASA networks, defending the interests of members (eg by investigating working conditions within the academy) and promoting the work of the association and the discipline more broadly.

EASA is registered with Companies House and with the Charity Commission. As such it is bound by its constitution, relevant laws and EASA adheres to guidance on proper governance.

We will publish the list of candidates shortly after closing the deadline to submit candidatures on the 30th November. Online vote will take place from 15th December until 16th January. The results will be made available the day after. The handover meeting for the new Executive Committee will take place 6-8 February 2023 in Barcelona. We'd ask those standing for election to please now book those dates in their diary so as to be available, if elected.

Any interested members who would like to know more about the job or the nomination process are free to contact the Secretary (),or other current executive committee members whose email addresses can be obtained from the EASA membership directory.