Humans and Other Living Beings EASA Network (HOLB)


Wild collaborations: on communal relations beyond the human, HOLB network lightning panel at EASA2022 conference, 'Transformation, Hope and the Commons' Belfast

Animate Mobilities: Troubling Social, Ecological and Biological Boundaries, HOLB network panel at EASA2020 conference, 'New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe' Lisbon

EASA2018Arts of Coexistence: Care and Survival in the Sixth Extinction

Workshop by HOLB, co-organised by the Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH), University of Oslo
Tøyen Hovedgård, Botanical Garden, Oslo, Norway
2-3 May 2019
Conveners Ursula Münster (University of Oslo), Sara Asu Schroer (FU Berlin/ University of Aberdeen), and Hugo Reinert (University of Oslo)
Read the programme PDF and the report PDF

Liveability in a Time of Ecological Destruction, HOLB network panel at EASA2018 conference, ‘Staying Moving, Settling’ Stockholm

Living well together: considering connections of health, wellbeing and work in the lives of humans and other living beings, HOLB network panel at EASA2016 conference ‘Anthropological Legacies and Human Futures’, Milan

The inaugural meeting of the Living Beings Network was held at the EASA2016 Milan.