EASA Consultancy: Sexual harassment and bullying in European Higher Education

The EASA Integrity Committee wishes to commission a short piece of consultancy to understand how complaints about sexual harassment and bullying are handled across European university systems. In order to better support students and staff, the committee needs to be equipped with knowledge about how these mechanisms work in different contexts. The aim is to map good practice, prepare a guidance note and list of resources. A second stage of the consultancy is also envisaged, pending successful completion of these first tasks.


  1. To identify and map the structures of support that exist for students and staff of HE institutions to pursue and resolve complaints about harassment and bullying across Europe.
  2. To understand the role played by institutional and national ombudsperson offices, as well as the role of the European network of Ombuds in HE
  3. To prepare a short report, and develop a country-level information resource bank to help those seeking guidance on pursuing complaints.

Budget: Up to €2000 for approximately 10 days consultancy work, ideally conducted during June 2022.

Output: Short report and resource bank.

Application: By CV and cover letter detailing suitability for this post to ethics(at)easaonline.org by May 31st.