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Hope, Ruination and Environmentalism

Environmental Anthropology 2021

14-15 October 2021, School of Humanities, Tallinn University, Estonia

We are pleased to announce the second biannual meeting of the EnviroAnt Network for Environment & Anthropology.
Thematically, this conference will focus on the interplay between hope and ruination at play in the politics of making and remaking landscapes. Environmental Anthropology has long been concerned with landscapes as more-than-human, contested spaces, and as temporal markers that materialise people’s ideals and fears. Environmental degradation has been a key concern to environmentalists, but equally to environmental anthropologists and scholars in related disciplines alike. Taking contested landscapes/terrains as its starting point and material anchor, this conference invites efforts to tell the stories and lamentations of environmental destruction. At the same time, we invite participants to attend to the hopes, aspirations but also mythologies that, too, materialise in urban, industrial, and rural landscapes. What place is there for optimism in environmental anthropology?
In line with the thematic focus described above, the conference will facilitate discussion and exchange between environmental anthropologists (inviting also scholars and practitioners in related disciplines) on the question how environmental anthropology might intervene in contested landscapes/terrains.

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Enviroant network panels at the 16th EASA Biennial Conference "New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe" 21-24 July 2020 in Lisbon

P019 Privileged fear: Europe and the concern for environmental catastrophes
Convenors: Aet Annist (University of Tartu), Nina Moeller (Coventry University)
Discussant: Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo)

P162 Wet horizons: hydrosocial re-articulations in the Anthropocene
Convenors: Franz Krause (University of Cologne), Sandro Simon (University of Cologne), Nora Horisberger (University of Cologne), Werner Krauß (University of Bremen), Benoit Ivars (University of Cologne)

Perspectives and stories in a world of facts and figures?
Exploring the potential of anthropology in tackling environmental issues

EASA’s Environment and Anthropology Network inaugural meeting

12-13 December 2019, Cologne, Germany

Read a report from this workshop

This workshop provided the opportunity to get to know each other’s work, develop the purposes and strategies of the network, and plan possible collaborations.

As we are convinced that environmental anthropology can contribute to alternative and more just futures, we place the exploration of possible ways to do so at the heart of our first meeting. We aim to explore the potential for anthropologists, and anthropological insights, in contributing to public debates and solution attempts for current environmental issues. We will share diverse experiences of linking up with policy and practice. We will exchange some of the methods that have proved useful to this end. And we will critically discuss the potential benefits and harms that providing our knowledge in these circles may cause.

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