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1st EASA Award for a Postgraduate Student Paper in the Anthropology of Food

Masters and early PhD students in Anthropology (or closely related disciplines) who are involved in the anthropological study of food are invited to submit their papers for consideration for the 1st EASA Award for a Postgraduate Student Paper in the Anthropology of Food. This award has been set up by the EASA Anthropology of Food network in collaboration with the EASA journal, Social Anthropology/ Anthropologie Sociale, to encourage anthropological research into food among emerging scholars at European universities.

The submissions will be adjudicated by a panel of three experts, scholars engaged with the Anthropology of Food: Dr Guntra Aistra (Central European University), Dr Katharina Graf (SOAS Food Studies Centre, a former EASA Food Network convener), and Dr Jakob Klein (Chair of the SOAS Food Studies Centre, University of London).


The paper

Judging criteria
The adjudicating committee will look for papers that:

The information about the award-winning paper and its author will be promoted within and beyond the EASA Food Network. The winning paper will be accepted for review and considered for publication in Social Anthropology/ Anthropologie Sociale.

We would like to invite programme conveners, teachers and supervisors to disseminate the information about this award among their Master and Doctoral students, and encourage students to apply.