MAGic2015 Timetable EASA  RAI

Daily timetable

Wednesday 9th September Thursday 10th September Friday 11th September
10:00-12:00 Registration
Meeting: Teaching medical anthropology to health professionals
(9:00-11:00 closed meeting;
(11:00-12:00 open meeting)
9:00-10:30 Plenary 9:00-10:30 Plenary
Introductory Plenary 10:30-11:00
Refreshments 10:30-11:00
ESRC Open Forum
11:00-12:30 Panel session 2 11:00-12:30
Panel session 5
Panel session 1 12:30-14:00
Sussex Glocal Health Hive
Wellcome Trust presentation (13:00-13:45)
Refreshments 14:00-15:30 Panel session 3 14:00-15:30
Panel session 6
Keynote 15:30-16:00
Refreshments 15:30-16:00
18:00-19:00 Drinks reception 16:00-17:30
Panel session 4 16:00-17:00 Closing remarks
17:45-18:45 Annual meeting of EASA Medical Anthropology network (MAN)
19:30-21:00 Conference dinner
21:00 on Conference party


Session Grid

Room Wed 9th Sept Thu 10th September Fri 11th September
Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6
14:30-16:00 11:00-12:30 14:00-15:30 16:00-17:30 11:00-12:30 14:00-15:30
FUL-101 P07 P46 P46 P37 P49 P49
FUL-103 P38 P20 P20 P52 P52 P52
FUL-104 P43 P01 P01 P01 P05 P05
FUL-106 P34 P34      
FUL-107 P29 P29 P29 P30 P30
FUL-113 P03 P03 P03 P41 P41
FUL-201 P28 P28 P28    
FUL-203 P13 P13 P13 P13
FUL-210       P17 P17
FUL-213       P36 P36
FUL-214 P16 P16      
JUB-115 P22 P22 P22    
JUB-116 P44 P31 P31 P31 P08 P08
JUB-117 P50 P09 P09 P09 P18  
JUB-118 P24 P40 P40 P40 P32 P32
JUB-135 P35 P35    
JUB-143       P27 P27
JUB-144 P19 P19   P06 P06
JUB-155 P26 P04 P04 P04 P39 P39
JUB-G22 P14 P47 P47 P47 P12 P12
JUB-G31 P48 P23 P23 P23 P15 P15
JUB-G36   P51 P51 P51 P11