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Members of the Pilgrimage Studies Network

Network convenors
John Eade, University of Roehampton and University of Toronto,
Mario Katic, University of Zadar,

The members of the Scientific Committee are:
Simon Coleman (University of Toronto) simon.coleman(at)utoronto.ca
Anna Fedele (Lisbon University Institute) fedele.anna(at)gmail.com
Anna Niedźwiedź (Jagiellonian University) annamaria.niedzwiedz(at)gmail.com


V. Baeva
G. Banor
K. Baraniecka-Olszewska
M. Belaj
K. Boissevain
M. Boivin
N. Gregoric Bon
G. Bowman
M. Bowman
M. Buitelaar
J. Butler
E. Chemin
S. Coleman
T. Darieva
G. Eberhart
E. Farinacci
A. Fedele
C. Gaebel
L. Gemzoe
V. Gottwik
O. Hacker
A. Halemba
D. Henig
A-K. Hermkens
M. Hrovatin
Y-P Huang
C. Isnart
K. Jankus
N. Jorgensen
I. Kaliszewska
E. Kawanishi
J. Kis-Halas
J. Kormina
V. Lebedinsky
E. Lefter
H-y. Li
N. Luz
P.J. Margry
M. Maric
Z. Martic
A. Masduki
M. McDonald
J. McManus
E. Mesaritou
J. Miles-Watson
E. Mourtazina
A. Niedziewicz
C. Notermans
E. Pace
T. Picková
I. Podevak
P. Post
L. di Puppo
A. Ron
J. Schmoller
R. Scriven
T. Shchepanskaia
G. Shenar
J. Skinner
N. Stadler
V. Thimm
K. Turčinov
M. Vasquez
B. Vecchiet
E. Venbrux
N. Venkatesan