Celebrating the European Anthropology Days

Day of Ethnography, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

Since 2019 the Polish Ethnological Society on 9th February has been celebrating the Day of Ethnography, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology.
The Day was chosen in memory of the foundation of the Polish Ethological Society on the 9th of February 1895 in Lviv. The Executive Board of the Society established it as a react on the decision of the Polish Government (in 2018) to remove “ethnology and cultural anthropology” as a distinct science and to hide it in more general category called “cultural and religious studies”. As a result of activities of polish ethnologists, supported by ethnological colleagues and associations from other countries, the Government restore the autonomy of “ethnology and cultural anthropology” in 2022.
During the Day of Ethnography, Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology the Society is organizing conferences, lectures, meetings, movie screenings and other activities to present to broader audience what ethnology and anthropology is and to talk on its importance. What is more, the Executive Board is collecting, mostly from the members of the Society, short footages on a given subject. This year we asked for shots on “ethnological places” related to people, memories, and histories of the Society.
All footages You can see on YouTube Channel of the Society.

Milan & Turin, Italy

The Anthroday is more than 80 events organised in Milan and, for the first time, also in Turin, thanks to the collaboration between the departments of four universities: the "R. Massa" Department of Human Sciences for Education of the University of Milan Bicocca; the Department of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Mediations of the University of Milan; the Department of Humanities of the IULM University; the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society and the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Turin.
Here are some numbers of the initiative: 25 meetings, 17 walks, 24 workshops, an online event, 9 exhibitions, 2 documentary screenings, and a radio programme will be organised. And there will also be events dedicated to children and schools.

Maps of the events can also be found here (Milan) and here (Turin).

Boundaries and Horizons: What is and can be contemporary applied anthropology?
Prague, Czech Republic

Join us for a compelling panel discussion exploring the diverse realm of applied anthropology today. Seasoned and newer voices from various branches of anthropology, ranging from academic research to practical applications, will converge on one stage to share insights into their experiences, perspectives, and methodologies.
The discussion will raise questions about the potentials, expectations, and limits of the discipline. Special emphasis will be placed on the practical relevance for anthropology students still seeking their way. The conversation will aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of applied anthropology today, addressing both its challenges and opportunities, hoping to educate and inspire.
The event is organised by Assemblage, a student association for social anthropology, with the support of the Czech Association for Social Anthropology and Socionaut, an organization for applied research, as part of the European Anthropology Days.

European Anthropology Days in Greece
15.02.2024 - 20.03.2024

The Association of Social Anthropologists Greece (ΣΚΑΕ/ASAG) celebrates European Anthropology Days between 15 February - 20 March 2024, inspired by the rhetorical question "is Anthropology present?". Anthropology, in its polyphonic, open and critical approach, can contribute decisively to highlighting social problems, mitigating their causes and amplifying the voices of those affected. Anthropology enables new paths of understanding and can inform new policies and alternatives, evidence-based practices and shared visions.
Our celebrations include four movie screenings, four workshops, two performances, one exhibition and an online event held in English (link to access provided below) as well as six dedicated blog posts on ΣΚΑΕ/ASAG’s website. We are collaborating with the Ethnographic Film Festival in Athens, Fiji, Anthropology-inspired Storytelling network in Volos, Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Athens), the University of Thessaly (Volos), the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki), the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the University of Aegean, four K-12 schools in Piraeus, Korydallos, Athens and the island of Amorgos, and a cinema club based on Amorgos.
Our planned activities are outlined in the following page - more information can be found here.

Anthropologie en partage
Travelling exhibition and public debate

Nanterre, France

The exhibition "Anthropologie en partage' (Shared anthropology) is the result of a national photographic competition conducted in 2022-23 as part of a set of public actions supported by the National Center for Scientific Research for rendering anthropology more visible to the public and exposing the diversity of anthropological approaches and fields, which constitutes its richness. The public screening debate around the exhibition is one stage in the journey of this exhibition around France held on the occasion of the European Anthropology Days. It is organised by the Laboratory of Sociology and Comparative Ethnology in collaboration with the French association of ethnologists and anthropologists.

Celebrate Anthropology day
Norrköping, Sweden

Join us in celebrating the new European Anthropology Day! For the first time ever, anthropology will be recognized through events in countries around Europe.
In Sweden, SANT organizes a themed day that explores people and digital technology, with an event at the Digitopia exhibition, the Museum of Work in Norrköping. Three anthropologists will be present at the exhibition and talk about their research on AI, robots and digital technology, show pictures and answer questions. There will also be an opportunity to test VR glasses.
Organizers: SANT, Arbetets museum, Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography, EASA

Academic Excursion: Following the Footsteps of Lithuanian Anthropology
Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuanian Anthropological Association invites you to celebrate Europen Anthropology Days and explore the historical footsteps of Lithuanian anthropology. What is anthropology, and what do those who practice it do? Where and how did the history of Lithuanian anthropology begin? Who were the first Lithuanian anthropologists, and what works and ideas made them famous? What is ethnography and ethnology? What is the relationship of anthropology with other branches of science? Was only the work of Lithuanians significant for the formation of Lithuanian anthropology?
We will answer all these and many other questions during the excursion, walking along the paths of the first Lithuanian anthropologists. The excursion is organised by the Lithuanian community of anthropologists. During it, you will not only be able to visit the places where the most famous Lithuanian anthropologists worked and contributed to the development of this science on a global scale but also get to know and talk to the members of this community.

World Anthropology Day and European Anthropology Days
Lisbon, Portugal

The Portuguese Anthropological Association (APA) celebrates the World Anthropology Day & European Anthropology Days with an in-person celebration of our discipline and community. The celebration includes the annual APA guest lecture, the announcement of the 2023 APA prizes, and a party with food, drinks, and dance. The event will be held on February 22 at the Museum of Natural History and Science. This year’s guest speaker will be Nélia Dias, who will present the lecture “Oil Cultures and Heritage Cultures: Intersections, Impacts and Contemporary Legacies”. Nélia Dias presentation is part of the PITCH project – Petroculture’s Intersections with The Cultural Heritage sector in the context of green transitions.
The celebration takes place in a legendary historical venue at the heart of romantic Lisbon, namely in an auditorium – the Anfiteatro Chimico – of the Museum of Natural History and Science that survived a great fire in 1978, and where courses in natural history took place in the nineteenth century. The event is rounded off with a party, with DJ Lucky and Indian finger food by celebrated chef and author Bina Achoca.

European Anthropology Days
Croatia, online
28.02.2024, 14:00 – 15:00

Croatian Ethnological Society joins the EASA initiative to both celebrate and promote the European Anthropology Days organized for the first time!
CES organizes the online workshop "Contributions of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology in Education: Integration of Intangible Cultural Heritage into Teaching". The workshop will be held on Wednesday, February 28th 2024, from 14:00 – 15:30 (in the Croatian language!) and led by Dr. Tamara Nikolić Đerić.
CES wants to promote the knowledge and skills ethnologists, cultural anthropologist and folklorist have as an important resource for various educational activities that go beyond the ones practiced by museum and heritage institutions. Therefore, workshop is intended for teachers, librarians, but also for all ethnologists and cultural anthropologists who collaborate with educational institutions and programs.
The aim of the workshop is to contribute to the development of intercultural competences of educational workers of different profiles, to train ethnologists and cultural anthropologists for work in formal and informal educational systems and programs, and to encourage consideration of one's own position within such collaborations.
If you are familiar with the Croatian language, please apply for participating in the workshop by sending an e-mail to

Public anthropology actions during the European Anthropology Days

Euro Anthro Day

As part of its public anthropology initiatives, EASA consulted its members in 2020 and decided at the July 2020 AGM to hold an European Anthropology Day, on the model of the European Archaeology Days first celebrated in 2019. The project was postponed during the pandemic and relaunched in 2022 in collaboration with European national associations. This led to the choice of three annual European Anthropology Days, to be held for the first time over 15-17th of February, 2024.

The aim of such a celebration is to reach a critical mass of anthropology related actions at the European level during one moment each year in order to ensure visibility for anthropology across the continent. This could be achieved by mobilising traditional and social media called upon to cover these events and constitutes an opportunity to have a public say on social and geopolitical debates via the events organised; to give a sense of European solidarity within the profession; to constitute a wealth of public material to be used for lobbying for anthropology at national and European levels, and last, but not least, to enhance creativity in the dissemination of our research findings.

The institutional partners that EASA hopes to bring together are universities, schools, museums, cultural spaces, associations, but public anthropology actions will also be an opportunity to work with artists, migrants, local communities etc. The activities proposed during the European Anthropology Days could vary, from large audience conferences, exhibitions, ethnographic films and performances, to more hybrid forms.

While EASA’s role mainly consists in communication, liaising and lobbying for the promotion of such activities beyond the national level via this webpage dedicated to the celebrations and media communication, we invite you to contact EASA’s Secretary Monica Heintz monica.heintz(AT)parisnanterre.fr with suggestions and opinions as to how EASA can further assist the community of anthropologists with their celebration.