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Energies and technologies futures, EAN/FAN joint workshop
20-21 June 2019, Lyon

This workshop brought these two concerns together, to generate synergies, theoretical trajectories and newly shared research agendas. Where do energy and technology futures intersect? How are human futures implicated in diverse techno-energetic visions? What alternative other human futures are possible in the current techno-energetic world than those extremes delineated above of extraplanetary survivalism and back-to-the-land minimalism? How can anthropologists account for- and intervene- and take part in forging in futures-generation?

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In September 2016 FAN co-organized the workshop “Thinking with ethnography” along with CASTAC (Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing) an official list of AAA and XCol (Experimental Collaborations Ethnography beyond participant observation). In the 4S/EASST CONFERENCE BARCELONA – 2016: Science and Technology by Other Means framework. Taking the insights resulting from the workshop, we are currently working on the development of a special issue on ethnography, future, experimentation and anthropology of technology.


The Future Anthropologies Network (FAN) meeting took place from 21-23 June 2015 in Barcelona, co-funded by EASA and the IN3 (of the Open University of Catalonia) and hosted by BAU Design Centre. We started the event with a series of presentations to share our current projects and ideas. Then in line with our ambitions to develop new ways of researching futures we investigated Barcelona's temporalities. Watch this space for future events and activities.


Walking Lab
June 22 – 3pm-7pm

Exploring Future makers and Future Archaeology across the Poble Nou quarter, a former industrial quarter in the XIX and the XX Century, now reconverted in a living lab for the smartcity.

Planning FAN futures
June 23 10am-2pm

Planning and management meeting to organize and coordinate the following year’s activities, publications and proposals for the EASA 2016 conference.

Walking Lab
June 23 – 3pm-7pm

Exploring Alive futures and Fictional futures across the Barceloneta quarter, a popular fisher district that still has an old active fishermen port surrounded by luxurious yachts, and that ends into a long beach, now a very attractive tourist spot.

Farewell dinner
June 23 – 9pm

Venue Bau Design College of Barcelona c/ Pujades, 118 08005 Barcelona

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