17th EASA Biennial Conference
26-29 July 2022 in Belfast

It was decided at EASA2020 that the 17th EASA biennial conference would take place in Belfast on 26-29 July, 2022. At that point, the world had only known COVID-19 for half a year and was hopeful that solutions for ending the pandemic would come soon and be permanent.

Now, more than a year later, we are much more cautious about laying plans for large-scale international events. Vaccination rates in Europe (and even more in the whole world) differ radically, as do travel restrictions, entry requirements, likelihood for booster shots - adding a notable level of complication before one even gets to questions like the growing precarity of our delegate base, overwork among scholars, availability of funds for conference-related activities and travel… We see some ‘sister’ events deciding to go virtual in 2022, while others remain on course planning in-person or hybrid events. Predicting the future has never been a more thankless job.

Call for panels

EASA still plans for EASA2022 to take place in Belfast, but in order to be able to be sure what kind of a conference we are advertising for, the Executive Committee along with the Local Committee from Queen’s University Belfast have decided to open the Call for Panels on 8 November and the CFP in mid-January.

This will hopefully give us more time to understand how things are moving.

We will email out the Call for Panels to all EASA members and EASA2020 delegates as soon as the Call opens. If you are new to EASA conferences, or a returning member from previous conferences, please make sure you check back here in early November.

PLEASE NOTE: regardless of whether the 2022 conference is in-person, hybrid or virtual, the main rules of EASA conferences will apply:

We will shortly put up likely registration fees for the event, so that those seeking funds can use those amounts in their budgets.