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Networks: Visual Anthropology Network

Coordinating Anthropological Film Festivals in Europe (CAFFE)

Click here for further information on CAFFE.
If you ou are interested to become a CAFFE member email Beate Engelbrecht (beate.engelbrecht(AT)gieff.de).

Member festivals

Austria Austria
ETHNOCINECA Ethnographic and Documentary Filmfest (Vienna) May

Bulgaria Bulgaria
International Festival of Ethnographic Film (Sofia) November

Estonian flag  Estonia
Tartu Festival of Visual Culture (Tartu) April

Finnish flag  Finland
International Festival of Visual Culture (Joensuu) September

French flag  France
Festival International Jean Rouch - Bilan du Film Ethnographique (Paris) November

German flag  Germany
Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival (Göttingen) May, even year
freiburger film forum (Freiburg) May, uneven year

British flag  Great Britain
International Festival of Ethnographic Film (Royal Anthropological Institute)
June, uneven year

Hungarian flag  Hungary
Dialektus (Budapest) June

Italian flag  Italy/Sardinia
SIEFF - Sardinia International Ethnographic Film Festival (Nuoro) September, even year

Dutch flag  The Netherlands
Beeld voor Beeld Festival for Visual Anthropology (Amsterdam) December

NAFA logo  Nordic Countries
Nordic Anthropological Film Association different dates

Polan flag  Poland
Festival of Visual Anthropology ASPEKTY (Torun) November

Romanian flag  Romania
Astra Film Festival (Sibiu) October, uneven year

Russian flag  Russia
Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival (Moscow) October

Serbian flag  Serbia
International Festival of Ethnological Film (Belgrade) November

Slovenian flag  Slovenia
Days of Ethnographic Film (Ljubljana) March