News from the Networks

New networks created this summer
Humans and Other Living Beings (convenor Sara Asu Schroer, Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen)
Anthropology and Language (convenor David Parkin, University of Oxford, All Souls College)

Their sub-sites will appear on the EASA site soon. With thirty networks in place, the Executive Committee has decided to now stop creating new networks and consolidate existing ones.

Africanists network

David O’Kane, the convenor of the Africanists network is anxious to hear from fellow members of that network as we approach EASA’s 2016 meeting in Milan. Suggestions for the next meeting of the network are needed. Also, Dr. O’Kane would like to announce the creation of the EASA Africanists Network Facebook group, and urges all network members to join at the URL:

AMCE - Anthropology of the Middle East and Central Eurasia (Russia, the Caucasus, Central Asia, China)

The Second Ethnographic Film and Media Program of the Middle East and Central Eurasia of EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologists), The Department of Sociology, University of Nantes, Nantes, France, November 2015
Programme and organiser: Dr. P. Khosronejad Institut du Pluralisme Religieux et de l’Athéisme – IPRA/MSHG (Nantes),
We are pleased to announce the second Ethnographic Film and Media Program of the Middle East and Central Eurasia.


In September, ANTHROMOB and the Instituto de Ciências Sociais (ICS), collaborated last month to organize the ANTHROMOB 2015 workshop. Titled “Grounding (im)mobility: embodiment, ecologies ephemera” the workshop focused on approaches to mobility that ground the at times abstract notion of mobility today. Read the report:

ANTHROMOB co-organised a 10-day doctoral student summer school in concert with the research group Cultures of Mobility in Europe (COME), led by Dr. Anna Lipphardt. Earmarked for October, 2015 (during the Indian summer) in Freiburg, Germany and titled Mobile Work-Life Arrangements: Exploring Conceptual and Methodological Challenges. Read the report:

Applied Anthropology Network

WHY THE WORLD NEEDS ANTHROPOLOGISTS. Burning issues of our hot planet
On Friday, 27 November 2015, Ljubljana (Slovenia) will host the third international symposium ‘Why the world needs anthropologists’. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Burning issues of our hot planet’. The main purpose of the symposium, which will be attended by 400 participants from around the globe, is the integration of anthropological knowledge and skills with other scientific areas as well as business, governmental, and non-governmental sectors. The event aims at attracting the general public and participation at the symposium is free of charge. Exciting presentations in TED style will be given by well-known speakers presenting their views on resolving the vital issues our society is facing.

Anthropology of Children and Youth Network

Seminar series

DICAN - Disaster and Crisis Anthropology Network

2015 Events

Read the full reports from these events on the network's events page >>

The role and contribution of anthropology to the interdisciplinary disaster studies, IUAES Conference, May 4th-9th 2016, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Susanna Hoffman has submitted a panel proposal to the Inter-Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in May 2016 with the joint support of the DICAN and the Risk and Disaster Topical Interest Group of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Read more about this proposal here >>

Anthropology of Economy

Extracting the Essence: Value Appropriation in post-2008 World Capitalism
The Network proposes to host a second conference on the theme to be held in Dubrovnik in May 2016: 4th-9th May 2016 Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Proposals for the next EASA meeting in Milan (2016) are very welcome!

Coordinating members
- Patty Gray (University of Maynooth)
- Hugo Valenzuela García (University Autonomous of Barcelona)
Coordinating guests
- Peter Simonic (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
- Marta Lobato (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)
- Allen Batteau (Wayne State University, US)
- Carmen Bueno (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico DF)

Anthropology of Law and Rights

EASA network workshop at the University of Edinburgh, 22 January 2016
The workshop invites contributions that examine the state of legal anthropology in Europe. Due to the rise of the anthropology of human rights and a growing interest in governance in the context of the nation-state and beyond there has been a welcome shift to legal matters within anthropology as a whole. In political anthropology the state and governance have emerged as major research interests. In general, there is a growing number of anthropological studies of bureaucracies, national courts, international tribunals, truth commissions and other sites.

Medical Anthropology Network

A joint conference was organized with the RAI Medical Anthropology Committee, “Anthropology and Global Health: interrogating theory, policy and practice”, at the University of Sussex, UK, on 9-11th September 2015. The conference was very successful with around 400 delegates.

Teaching Medical Anthropology. During the conference an informal group initiating a reflection on the teaching of Medical Anthropology to (future) Health Professionals in Europe was started. The target group is defined as “(future) health professionals”, and includes professionals and students from medicine and nursing, midwives, public health officials, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychotherapists, and medical technicians among others (more than 30 can be listed depending on the country´s rules). We believe that teaching medical anthropology to (future) health professionals can help improve care in our health systems. Our first three-hour meeting was a lively and productive exchange of ideas and experiences.
If you are interested in participating in the group and already have teaching experience, please fill out the questionnaire soon to be posted on the network site: URL:

If you are interested, but do not yet have teaching experience, we are still interested in your feedback. We will collect the information and may plan future meetings based on your needs and interests.

MAYS - Medical Anthropology Young Scholars

Intergenerations, temporalities, and medical anthropology
7th Medical Anthropology Young Scholars (MAYS) Annual Meeting
23-24 June 2016, Institute of Social Sciences (ICS), University of Lisbon

PACSA - Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology Network

Biannual meeting: Im/mobilities as products and generators of conflict
PACSA, the Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology network, held its 5th bi-annual meeting in Frankfurt this September. The conference explored im/mobilities in the context of peace, violence, and conflict in two days of exciting discussion, exchange and presentations. Co-hosted by the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) and the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Goethe University, the meeting drew some 40 participants who addressed the mobility-conflict nexus from a variety of perspectives, among them displacement, memory and identity, transnational networks, activism and state violence. Tobias Kelly, Head of Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, delivered the keynote lecture on the “Immobility of Human Rights,” discussing the unequal distribution and mobility of human rights claims.

If you are interested to get in touch with PACSA or stay updated about future events, you can sign up for the e-mail list here or follow us on Facebook. PACSA board: Erella Grassiani, Andreas Hackl, Michael Lidauer, Nerina Weiss.

ENQA - European Network for Queer Anthropology

Workshop: Queer Devices
On September 11-13 ENQA held its first workshop at the Central European University, Budapest. It gathered twenty scholars and scholar-activists from different countries, in different stages of their careers, to discuss their work, research collaborations, publishing initiatives, and network. The workshop organized two open panels at CEU on queer anthropology and the current refugee crisis in Europe, with specific focus on the Hungarian and southeast European perspectives. The workshop participants have decided to organize a pre-EASA conference workshop on Ethics in Milan next July, and submit at least one sponsored panel to the main conference.

Roundtable discussion titled ‘Anthropologists are talking about queer anthropology’ published online in Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology, sept. 7, 2015. DOI: 10.1080/00141844.2015.1084021. The roundtable took place at the EASA conference in Tallinn in 2014, with the following contributors: Paul Boyce, Elisabeth Engebretsen, Silvia Posocco, EJ Gonzalez-Polledo, Hadley Renkin, Heather Tucker, Thomas Hendriks, Mark Graham, Adnan Hossain, Taylor Riley.

NAGS - Network of Anthropology of sexuality and gender

IAHR Panel
Last summer, Anna Fedele and Kim Knibbe organized a panel at the IAHR conference in Erfurt titled “the role of gender in the distinctions between religion, secularity and spirituality”, which generated quite a lot of interest.

Starting in january 2016, Kim Knibbe, one of the network convenors, and Rachel Spronk will be leading a five-year research programme funded by the Netherlands Foundation for Scientific Research (NWO) on Sexuality, Religion and Secularism, Cultural Encounters in the African Diaspora in the Netherlands. The project will be based at Groningen University and the University of Amsterdam.

We are in the process of recruiting PhD candidates and a post-doc for this project, and will maintain a mailing list to keep interested parties up to date on events organised as part of the programme. If you wish to sign up,

Since our inaugural panel at the 2014 EASA conference in Tallinn, we set up a mailing list. We would like to encourage anyone with an interest in gender and sexuality to sign up, and use the list to send around any announcements that may be of interest to colleagues working on these topics:

Furthermore, we would like to invite people to mail us with ideas for panels for the next conference. We are looking forward to intensifying our network the coming year! Let us know your ideas, or use the email list to get people together.

Anthropology and Social Movements

II. Workshop of the EASA-Network “Anthropology and Social Movements”,
November 30th 2015, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, EHESS – Tram/IIAC (Institut Interdisciplinair d’Anthropologie du Contemporain), Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS, Paris.

TAN - Teaching Anthropology Network

On 3-4 September 2015 the TAN network organised a conference in Copenhagen, ’One Discipline, Many Ways. Teaching Anthropology in Changing Contexts’ Read the report::

Apart from organising conferences we are currently working on a plan to set up a ’Teaching Materials Exchange’ in collaboration with other EASA networks. The point is to encourage the sharing of course plans, reading lists and ideas for teaching from anthropology courses across Europe.

The convenor of the network is Jakob Krause-Jensen, Aarhus University, .

VANEASA - Visual Anthropology Network

VANEASA has begun creating special interest groups:
The Anthropology of Art interest group organised a workshop in June 2015 on “Encountering Concepts in Art and Anthropology” in Barcelona. Further information: .

The online journal AnthroVision is now in the third year of publishing peer-reviewed articles. After having had special topic issues on “Anthropology and Digital Technologies” and “Digital Visual Engagements” in 2014 the next issue (due to be published imminently) will contain a variety of articles opening up a new section such as “Research and experiment” and “Discussion” too. See: