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2. EASA announces new Integrity Committee

6. Call for applications for the Integrity Committee

EASA are setting up an Integrity Committee to provide independent review relating to issues of academic integrity raised by EASA members.

EASA would like to announce its new integrity committee. The committee is composed of five members, two of whom are executive committee members. The members are Dr. Aliche Tilche, Dr. Insa Koch, Dr. Matan Kaminer, Dr. David Mills and Dr. Fiona Murphy. The committee is chaired by Dr. Fiona Murphy. The Integrity committee will offer independent scrutiny and review of questions or complaints relating to academic integrity brought to it by one or more members of EASA. The committee will be able to make recommendations to the EASA Executive Committee. The integrity committee also aims to be a point of reference for good conduct within the discipline and to prepare guidelines for good practice professional standards that we hope will be of use to other researchers and institutions.

Please send any queries relating to the integrity committee to