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6. EASA book series

 EASA book series celebrates 20 years collaboration with Berghahn books

EASA book series

In 2023 the EASA book series is celebrating 20 years of collaboration with Marion Berghahn and her team. The proposed 50th volume of the series takes this as an occasion to focus on and showcase anthropological knowledge in and of Europe.

We want to thank the generous and supportive Berghahn team for the productive and stimulating exchange and close collaboration over the last two decades. Scrolling through the list of published works on the book series website ( will show that some of the discipline’s most distinguished writers have published their work in the series. With currently four books, two monographs and two edited volumes at the final stage of production, and a number of volumes in different stages of development, we were able to continue the work of former editors with this lively and thriving book series.

Our main effort over the last two and a half years was to demystify the publication process in the discipline, something we believe to be important, particularly for young scholars who often build up a great degree of anxiety over publishing their work, which as a rule takes place under precarious conditions.