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Book series

The EASA book series has been showcasing the work of the Association’s members since 1992. The series has been published by Berghahn Books since 2003 and includes both edited collections and monographs.

There are many exciting projects in the pipeline, including edited collections and monographs. See below for already published titles.

Members are invited to submit their proposals

The EASA book series publishes works in English that address worthwhile questions in a cogent, persuasive and fluent way. Manuscripts must not be under consideration by any other publisher.

To find out what is needed to put forward a book proposal please email the Series Editor, aleksandarbos(at)gmail.com, who will advise about the specific material needed, and offer informal advice about how a proposal can be strengthened. The Editor can also offer advice to those who are not native speakers of English but who want to submit a proposal to the series.

Proposals should include an extended discussion of the work as a whole, which identifies the projected work’s topic and significance, its analytical or theoretical orientation and its empirical content. Ideally this would mean a draft of the Introduction. In addition, they should have an abstract (about 300 words) of each chapter (for monographs) or contribution (for edited volumes). After reviewing this material, the Series Editor will indicate what further material is needed.

Discount for EASA members

As of June 1st 2018, EASA members are entitled to a 25% discount off any Berghahn title when ordering via the Berghahn website. Simply insert the code EASA at checkout.

New in Paperback in EASA Series:

Economy, crime and wrong in a neoliberal era

Volume 37: November 2018, $140.00/£100.00 - anniversary sale: $105.00/£75.00
NON-HUMANS IN AMERINDIAN SOUTH AMERICA: Ethnographies of Indigenous Cosmologies, Rituals and Songs
Edited by Juan Javier Rivera Andía

Drawing on fieldwork from diverse Amerindian societies whose lives and worlds are undergoing processes of transformation, adaptation, and deterioration, this volume offers new insights into the indigenous constitutions of humanity, personhood, and environment characteristic of the South American highlands and lowlands. The resulting ethnographies – depicting non-human entities emerging in ritual, oral tradition, cosmology, shamanism and music – explore the conditions and effects of unequally ranked life forms, increased extraction of resources, continuous migration to urban centers, and the (usually) forced incorporation of current expressions of modernity into indigenous societies.

Other published titles

Carrier, James G. (ed.) 2018. Economy, Crime And Wrong In A Neoliberal Era.
Lems, Annika 2018. Being-Here: Placemaking in a World of Movement.
Estalella, Adolfo and Criado, Tomás Sánchez (ed.) 2018. Experimental Collaborations: Ethnography through Fieldwork Devices.
Ringel, Felix 2018. Back to the Postindustrial Future: An Ethnography of Germany's Fastest-Shrinking City.
Loftsdóttir, Kristín; Smith, Andrea L. and Hipfl, Brigitte (ed.) 2018. Messy Europe: Crisis, Race, and Nation-State in a Postcolonial World.
Brković, Čarna (ed.) 2017. Managing ambiguity: How Clientelism, Citizenship, and Power Shape Personhood in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Baptista, João Afonso (ed.) 2017. The Good Holiday: Development, Tourism and the Politics of Benevolence in Mozambique.
Bon, Nataša Gregorič and Repič, Jaka (ed.) 2016. Moving Places: Relations, Return and Belonging.
Brumann, Christoph and Berliner, David (ed.) 2016. World Heritage on the Ground: Ethnographic Perspectives.
Rountree, Kathryn (ed.) 2015. Contemporary Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Europe.
Kjaerulff, Jens (ed.) 2015. Flexible Capitalism: Exchange and Ambiguity at Work.
Nielsen, Gritt B. 2015. Figuration Work: Student Participation, Democracy and University Reform in a Global Knowledge Economy.
Mühlfried, Florian 2014. Being a State and States of Being in Highland Georgia.
Grønseth, Anne Sigfrid (ed.) 2013. Being Human, Being Migrant: Senses of Self and Well-Being.
Frois, Catarina 2013. Peripheral Vision: Politics, Technology and Surveillance.
Rytter, Mikkel 2013. Family Upheaval: Generation, Mobility and Relatedness among Pakistani Migrants in Denmark.
Bräuchler, Birgit 2013. Cyberidentities at War: The Moluccan Conflict on the Internet.
Árnason, Arnar, Nicolas Ellison, Jo Vergunst and Andrew Whitehouse
(eds) 2012. Landscape beyond Land: Routes, Aesthetics, Narratives.
Schielke, Samuli and Liza Debevec (eds) 2012. Ordinary Lives and Grand Schemes: An Anthropology of Everyday Religion.
Liebelt, Claudia 2011. Caring for the 'Holy Land': Filipina Domestic Workers in Israel.
Fedele, Anna and Ruy Llera Blanes (eds) 2011. Encounters of Body and Soul in Contemporary Religious Practices: Anthropological Reflections.
Kalb, Don and Gábor Halmai (eds) 2011. Headlines of Nation: Subtexts of Class: Working Class Populism and the Return of the Repressed in Neoliberal Europe.
Shore, Cris, Susan Wright and Davide Però (eds) 2011. Policy Worlds: Anthropology and Analysis of Contemporary Power.
Hauschild, Thomas 2010. Power and Magic in Italy.
James, Deborah, Evelyn Plaice and Christina Toren (eds) 2010. Culture Wars: Context, Models and Anthropologists' Accounts.
Kürti, László and Skalník, Peter (eds) 2009. Postsocialist Europe: Anthropological Perspectives from Home.
Melhuus, Marit, Jon P. Mitchell and Helena Wulff (eds) 2009. Ethnographic Practice in the Present.
Dyck, Noel (ed.) 2008. Exploring Regimes of Discipline: The Dynamics of Restraint.
Halstead, Narmala, Eric Hirsch and Judith Okely (eds) 2008 Knowing How to Know: Fieldwork and the Ethnographic Present.
Amit,Vered (ed.) 2007. Going First Class? New Approaches to Privileged Travel and Movement.
Grasseni, Cristina (ed.) 2006. Skilled Visions: Between Apprenticeship and Standards.
Baumann, Gerd and Andre Gingrich (eds) 2005. Grammars of Identity/Alterity: A Structural Approach.
Harrison, Simon 2005. Fracturing Resemblances: Identity and Mimetic Conflict in Melanesia and the West.
Johannessen, Helle and Imre Lázár (eds) 2005. Multiple Medical Realities: Patients and Healers in Biomedical, Alternative and Traditional Medicine.
Dracklé, Dorle and Iain R Edgar(eds) 2003. Current Policies and Practices in European Social Anthropology.
Dracklé, Dorle, Iain R Edgar and Thomas K Schippers (eds) 2003. Educational Histories of European Social Anthropology.

The following were published by Routledge:
Amit, Vered (ed.) 2002. Realising Community.
Schmidt, Bettina and Ingo Schroeder (eds) 2001. Anthropology of Violence and Conflict.
Amid-Talai, Vered (ed.) 2000. Community Revisited.
Knight, John (ed.) 2000. Natural Enemies.
Knight, John (ed.) 2000. People and Wildlife in Conflict.
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