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ANTHROMOB logo Anthropology and Mobility Network

Founded in 2010 during the 11th Biennial Conference in Maynooth, Ireland by Noel Salazar, the EASA Anthropology and Mobility Network (ANTHROMOB) aims to facilitate theoretical and methodological exchanges about anthropology and mobility. It fosters intellectually stimulating debates among anthropologists working on mobility along various thematic and conceptual lines, while also creating exciting opportunities for meetings, relationships, collaborative research and publications. As of 2017, the network maintains a membership of over 600 interdisciplinary scholars.

The network runs an active mailing list – please visit this page to subscribe. We also maintain an active Facebook page and you can find us tweeting @anthromob.

The network is convened by a group of internationally distributed scholars who hail from a range of backgrounds and intellectual concentrations. ANTHROMOB’s four co-convenors span roles that cover responsibilities such as communications (e.g. internet activities, publications), events (e.g. online seminars, conferences, workshops) and membership (e.g. recruitment, outreach).

Book series

AnthroMob offers its members the opportunity to publish both monographs and edited volumes as part of the Berghahn "Worlds in Motion" book series. This transdisciplinary series features empirically grounded studies from around the world that disentangle how people, objects, and ideas move across the planet. With a special focus on advancing theory as well as methodology, the series considers movement as both an object and a method of study.

URL: berghahnbooks.com/series/worlds-in-motion

If you would like to learn more about the ANTHROMOB network or are interested in getting involved in any way, please feel free to get in touch with any of the current co-convenors. We’re always on the lookout for energetic, creative people to come up with suggestions for (or help out with) network activities. We are open to new ideas, we believe in a flat (e.g. non-hierarchical) organisation and we don’t bite:

Anna Lisa Ramella, University of Cologne (Germany): anna.ramella(at)gmail.com
Silvia Wojczewski, University of Lausanne, silviawoj(at)gmail.com
Fabiola Mancinelli, Universitat de Barcelona, fabiolamancinelli(at)ub.edu