Message posted on 13/05/2024

Call for two PhD researchers - The Circumference of Violence project, University of Bern

Dear all,

I=92m delighted to share this call for two full-time PhD researchers to joi= n the new project - The Circumference of Violence - Tracing the normalisat= ion and brutalisation of violence across Europe=92s shifting external borde= rs - I=92m leading at the Institute of Social Anthropology at the Universi= ty of Bern. The deadline for the application is 31 May 2024. The PhD positi= ons are planned for four years, starting on 1 September 2024.

The Circumference of Violence project explores the transformations of the m= odalities of border violence against migrants across the EU=92s external bo= rders, and the multi-scalar political and legal processes that have shaped = them.

Focusing on three key border zones =96 Greece-Turkey; Hungary-Serbia; Polan= d-Belarus, while comparing these case to other border areas such as Italy-L= ibya-Tunisia and Spain-Morocco - the research will seek to analyse the prac= tices and interactions between actors directly engaged in perpetrating or c= ontesting border violence in the selected border zones and then trace backw= ards the multi-scalar (mainly national and EU) political and legal processe= s shaping these localized practices. The forensic reconstruction of cases o= f death and violations, developed in collaboration with the Border Forensic= s agency (, will play an essential role in our research= .

Please share this call with students you think might be interested in this = opportunity. Qualifications should include:

o MA in Social Anthropology or Geography or related disciplines, with a foc= us on migration and border studies, as well as the study of legal and polit= ical processes.

o Experience in working with qualitative methods and ethnographic field wor= k, as well as a demonstratable capacity to experiment with the use of a bro= ad range of visual and spatial methods, as well as quantitative methods

o Good knowledge of the selected border zones and the actors operating ther= e

o An interest in creative theoretical thinking

You will find the complete call attached. For further details on the Circum= ference of Violence project see here: people/prof_dr_heller_charles/index_eng.html

Allow me to take this opportunity to also flag out this project for other P= hDs, post docs and other researchers, human rights activists and cultural p= roducers. If the project resonates with your own interests and you=92d like= to think with us as we engage with our research on the transformations of = violence at the borders of Europe, you are welcome to reach out.

Best to all,

Charles Heller

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