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Anthropology of Economy Network Events

EASA Anthropology of Economy Network Workshop: Deservingness - power, morality and inequality in contemporary Europe and beyond.
October 27th-28th, 2017 
Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna

Convenors: Andreas Streinzer, University of Vienna, Jelena Tosic, University of Vienna and University of Bern

University of Vienna

Preliminary List of Papers

The relational politics of deservingness in the context of postsocialist transition and the rise of neo-nationalism of a national-socialist bent
Don Kalb

Guests and other unwanted subjects: On im/moralities of deservingness between EU and Turkey

Sabine Strasser

The politics of needs and rights: charity, deservingness and distribution in austerity Portugal
Patricia Matos

Deserving EU citizenship: The case of undocumented Italian migrants in Belgium

Jean-Michel Lafleur and Elsa Mescoli

The Ritual Neoliberal: An anthropological insight into the policies of activation for unemployed people in Turin
Carlo Capello

“Here, morality is a sense of entitlement:” citizenship, deservingness, and inequality in suburban Atlanta
Elisa Lanari

Risk-taking and Deservingness in Migration: the case of irregular migration in Turkey
Esra S. Kaytaz

The construction of deservingness in co-ethnic and pro-refugee philanthropic actions in Hungary
Ildiko Zakarias

Insolvency, inequality and moral deservingness: the case of the Greek household-protection law
Theodora Vetta

The Moral Economy of Debt: Contesting and (Re-) Regulating Household Debt in Post–Credit Boom Croatia
Marek Mikus

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EASA2016 Panel: Emerging economic futures: the intersections of informality and formality
Convenors: Alan Smart (University of Calgary)
Filippo Zerilli (University of Cagliari)

EASA2016 Panel: New trends in the anthropology of unemployment after the economic crisis in 2008-2009
Convenors: Francisco Arqueros (National University of Ireland
Patrícia Alves de Matos (University of Barcelona
Michele Fontefrancesco (università di scienze gastronomiche)

Network meeting Tallinn in August 2014
Our second network meeting was held in Tallinn in August 2014. In attendance were 24 people, 12 of whom were signing on as new members.

Panel: Local entrepreneurial responses to global forces: new and alternative enterprise re-configurations in times of crisis and economic hardship. EASA conference, Tallinn 31st July - 3rd August, 2014.
URL: www.nomadit.co.uk/easa/easa2014/panels.php5?PanelID=3013

The Anthropology of Economy Network also organized a panel at the 2014 EASA conference in Tallinn. Convened by Hugo Valenzuela, Allen Batteau of Wayne State University, USA, and Carmen Bueno of Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, the theme of the panel was ‘Local entrepreneurial responses to global forces: new and alternative enterprise re-configurations in times of crisis and economic hardship’. The panel was global in scope, with 7 papers presenting research on topics ranging from a family jewelry company in Hong Kong, women in Japanese management, music entrepreneurship in Yucatan, and the new Italian working class, to the transformation of Moroccan argan oil into a global commodity.

Workshop: Solidarity, reciprocity, and economy in times of downturn: Understanding and articulating the logics of old and new values in late capitalism. U. Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain in February 2014,

The network held its first workshop at U. Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain in February 2014, organized by Hugo Valenzuela and Peter Simonič with the assistance of Marta Lobato. The theme of the workshop was ‘Solidarity, reciprocity, and economy in times of downturn: Understanding and articulating the logics of old and new values in late capitalism’. There were 15 participants, many of them PhD students, and 8 papers were presented on a variety of topics: microcredit and solidarity finance in Brazil; social entrepreneurship; ‘low-budget urbanity’; mortgage over-indebtedness; food cooperatives in Catalonia; Swiss dairy farming in the face of neoliberalization; and Slovenian squats as sites of emerging commons. Several of the papers from the workshop were subsequently published as part of a special issue in the journal Ars & Humanitas, under the guest editorship of Peter Simonič ( http://revije.ff.uni-lj.si/arshumanitas/issue/view/237 ). Writes Simonič in his introduction, “the number of doctoral students in anthropology present at the seminar gave the impression that the theme speaks to the generational turn in a time of crisis in the social welfare state, and that anthropological theory of economy pragmatically is shifting into activism among young and unemployed anthropologists”.