9th EASA Biennial Conference: Bristol, UK
September 18th - 21st, 2006

Europe and the World

EASA and the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol hosted the 9th biennial conference. More than 900 people attended this conference over its four days.

The theme encouraged us to consider the global dimensions of particular ethnographic encounters. The wider interconnections, the spread of ideas, the dynamic relationships and processes which shape the everyday activity of social life; these lie increasingly at the centre of our methodological and theoretical preoccupations as anthropologists. Mediated by individual, institutional, national developments of enormous complexity, this link between global interchange and local creativity deserves our systematic attention and analysis.

We hope you found this event stimulating and friendly. 


A digital version of the conference book can be downloaded as a PDF
There was a programme of ethnographic films which is downloadable here.
The conference poster can be downloaded as a memento: hi-res colour A3 PDF here.

Keynote Address: Jean Comaroff, University of Chicago
“How Europe is Evolving towards Africa”

Conference Committees

Scientific Committee:
Andres Barrera-González, Fiona Bowie, Dorle Dracklé, László Kürti, Benoît de L’Éstoile, Jon P. Mitchell, Eleni Papagaroufali, Peter Pels, David P. Shankland, Dimitros Theodossopoulos, Helena Wulff.

Local Committee:
Fiona Bowie, Wendy Coxshall, Elaine Massung, David P. Shankland, Dimitros Theodossopoulos.