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10th EASA Biennial Conference: Ljubljana, Slovenia
August 26th - 30th, 2008

Experiencing Diversity and Mutuality

EASA and the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology at the University of Ljubljana hosted the 10th biennial conference. 1100 people attended this conference over its four days.

You can read more about the conference theme, keynote, plenaries and workshops here, within the EASA website.


A digital version of the conference book of abstracts can be downloaded as a PDF, as can the conference programme
The conference poster can be downloaded as a memento: hi-res colour A3 PDF here.

Conference committees

Scientific committee
Bojan Baskar, Michal Buchowski, Manuela da Cunha, Thomas Fillitz, Božidar Jezernik, Benoît de L’Estoile, Rajko Muršič, Gísli Pálsson, Shalini Randeria, David Shankland, Helena Wulff.

Local committee
Peter Simonič, Mojca Bele, Zmago Šmitek, Jože Hudales, Jaka Repič, Boštjan Kravanja, Katja Hrobat, Katarina Juvančič, Nataša Visočnik, Karmen Šterk, Jurij Fikfak, Mojca Ramšak, Liza Debevec, Katerina Ferkov, Tina Kene, Alenka Lamovšek, Anže Tavčar, Kaja Beton, Urška Dolenc, Jasna Rovšek, Pablo Miklavc.