Age and Generations Network (AGENET)

Network convenors
Francesco Diodati
Simone Felding
Swetlana Torno


This network brings together social anthropologists engaged in research, teaching, and applied work involving older adults, multi/inter-generational relationships, and life-course perspectives. The impetus to form the group was the need to enhance the presence of anthropology in research on ageing, generation and the life course. Issues around ageing, generation and the life course are increasingly influencing not only the fabrics of social relations, social policies, and health, but also emerging issues in areas like migration, new technology and climate change. The ability to understand these global transformations requires the kind of holistic, comparative, empirically grounded theory that anthropology excels at. In placing age and generations at the center of analyses of social life, our work reconsiders the diversity of roles people of all ages occupy; the different forms of agency and political power they wield; the intersections of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and socio-economic positioning across the life course; the changing and multiple social roles of elders within families and other social groups and communities spanning across and between different societies.



EASA AGENET Slow Online Conference – October/November 2021

Ageing alterities: New horizons for anthropology of ageing and the life-course

In this slow online conference organised by the EASA Age and Generations Network, we will explore new horizons for the anthropology of ageing by reflecting on different forms of intergenerational participation and alternative ways to frame ageing experiences within new social, cultural, political, and technological contexts. Read more....