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Anthropology of Food Network

The network provides a platform for sharing information and experience about anthropology of food. The goal is to foster discussions of theories, methods and themes in the anthropology of food, ranging from its role in social relationships, to its symbolic and semiotic significance, to the political-economic analysis of systems of food production, distribution, preparation, consumption, and waste. And also to exchange practical information about conferences, workshops, book publications and other relevant events. The network attempts to become the main European network for academics and practitioners who study food in its many aspects, and connect food anthropologists with policymakers, organizations, observatories, and researchers from other disciplines at the European and global level.


The Anthropology of Food network was founded at the end of 2016. We have noticed that interest in the anthropology of food has been steadily growing within the EASA and in general in Europe. Panels and workshops on food were organised both during the EASA conferences in Tallinn in 2014 and in Milan in 2016. These ranged from a panel focused on raw/cooked food as a symbol to another panel on the future of growing food. We have had many informal conversations about organising the network, both during the conference and after it and we strongly believe that this network will be of interest to many other anthropologists and non-anthropologists in Europe and will become a lively platform for exchange.

Mailing list

The Anthropology of Food mailing list facilitates the exchange of information among network members. Members may use this forum to announce workshops, conferences, and publications, to share news related to the anthropology of food, to post questions for discussion, and to network with potential collaborators and contributors for projects. Please, tell us a few words about yourself and your research interests when joining the mailing list. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the convenors.

Network convenors