Anthropology of History (NAoH) Events

2022-2024 Bi-monthly zoom paper-bag meetings with informal presentations on work-in-progress (all levels), publications, and research plans, time/date tbc.

Upcoming events

Friday March 24 2023
15.00 GMT/London

Informal meeting

This informal meeting will give us time to discuss any thoughts or ideas about future plans and network projects.
Also, Dom Bryan (Queens University, Belfast) will share some thoughts about his research.

Zoom link through the NAoH mailing list (sign up here.)

Friday 21 April 2023
17.00-18.30 BST/London

NAoH launch

Online roundtable to celebrate Diana Espirito Santo’s Spirited Histories: Technologies, Media, and Trauma in Paranormal Chile. A conversation with Diana Espirito Santo, Marjorie Murray, Matin Shapiro, Charles Stewart, Stephan Palmié. Come and join us!
Registration is free, but please sign up here.

Thursday 11 May

NAoH workshop. Call for expressions of interest on What makes history more public than anthropology?

The EASA Network for an Anthropology of History (NAoH) invites members to consider participating in a workshop (Thursday 11 May) to explore intersections between an anthropology of history, public anthropology, and public histories. We propose that our network can explore new directions for anthropological conversations about the past outside academia, and this workshop will start with some exploratory discussions.
What might it mean to consider an anthropology of history in the public domain? Is this an engaged or applied model? Public histories often favour narratological approaches to the past, does an anthropological approach to public history challenge theoretical conventions? Do anthropological theories and ethnographic methods undermine public histories? Or do these offer insights when navigating difficult or contested accounts?
Themes may include (but are not limited to):

  • Activism
  • Environment
  • Nationalism
  • Decolonialism
  • Cities and urban spaces
  • Political histories
  • Religious histories
  • Monuments
  • Performance and ritual
  • Media and social media
  • Commemoration and centenaries
  • Heritage

Please send expressions of interest of up to 250 words to by Monday 27 March 2023.

Past events

Friday 27 January 2023
15.00 GMT
Informal meeting with speakers on zoom (invite by NAoH Mailing List)

  • Katarzyna Puzon (Institue for Advanced Studies global dis:connect, Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich): 'Sound Archives and Their Entangled Legacies'
  • Nina ter Laan (University of Cologne, University of Siegen): 'Re-membering the Rif through Sound and Song: (Post)-colonial pasts and musical practices among Riffians between Morocco and The Netherlands'