Networks: Sacral Healing and Communication network

Short history of the Sacral Communication and Healing EASA Network and its activity

The Sacral Communication and Healing Network was established in 2005 and accepted by the EASA as one of its official networks in February 2007. Outstanding scholars like Thomas J. Csordas, Iain Edgar, Geoffrey Samuel and András Zempléni who also are the founding members represent a wide range of anthropological traditions around a common focus.

This form of scientific collaboration was inspired by some recent interdisciplinary fora like the workshop on “Spirituality in Economy” in Szeged in 2001, the “Healing and sacral communication in the context of cosmologies of suffering in societies in transition” workshop of 8th Biennial of EASA in Vienna in 2004, and the Budapest-Balaton Summer School on “Sacral communication and healing” in 2005. The latter forum offers a regular occasion for reviewing the progress of interdisciplinary efforts in exploring the dynamics and diverse nature of the recent revival of spiritual discourses in contemporary healing, medical and religious practices.

Further developmental steps to establish the network were based on the collaboration with other discourse groups dealing with issue of spirtualism in economy and public affairs, the so called SPES Forum, and the host institutes of 2005 Summer Course on Sacral Communication and Healing: Semmelweis University, Inst. of Behavioral Sciences and Károli Gáspár University, Inst. of Communication and Social Sciences.

The Sacral Communication and Healing EASA network was iniated by will and intentions and professional support of: Prof. Thomas Csordas (UCSD), Galina Lindquist (Sweden), Agita Luse (Latvia), Alex Roedlach (Creighton University Omaha) Prof. Luc Bekaert, (Leuven), Prof László Zsolnai, (Corvinus University, Budapest), Iain Edgar (Durham University), Imre Lazar (Semmelweis Univ. Budapest), Geoffrey Samuel (Cardiff), András Zempléni (Paris), Mihály Hoppál (Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Budapest).

The concept of interdisciplinary approach regarding sacral communication and healing includes cross-disciplinary conferences when issues of sacral communication were discussed with experts of theology, literature and fine &applied arts too.