EASA Publications

The newsletter is produced three times a year: Spring (usually late February), Summer (usually mid-June) and Autumn (usually October/November). It is openly available on this site, but is also emailed to members. Members interested to submit items should email these to the Secretary, Monica Heintz: monica.heintz(at)parisnanterre.fr.

As the journal of the EASA, Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale provides a key forum for debating and showcasing the anthropological research carried out by anthropologists.

The EASA book series has been showcasing the work of the Association’s members since 1992. The series has been published by Berghahn Books since 2003 and includes both edited collections and monographs.

Letters of support
EASA has taken an active role over recent years in looking into issues brought forward by members and colleagues globally, and where appropriate writing in support of those causes.

Policy papers
Anthropology provides knowledge and skills which can be essential for understanding and dealing with the human condition in the early 21st century. Why anthropology matters is a statement from the EASA Executive Committee, which explains in simple, engaging language what is unique about anthropological knowledge (...)

These guidelines offer EASA members advice on good academic practice when carrying out research and writing in collaboration with others, or as part of a larger research team.