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EASA Applied Anthropology Network

Applied Anthropology Network (AAA) is the main European platform dedicated to the exchange of information and experiences related to practical applications of anthropology and ethnography. It enables a circular transfer of knowledge between academia, private and public sectors, NGOs, interest groups, students and other individuals. The network is part of the European Association for Social Anthropologists.





The network currently serves 120+ registered scholars active in 30 different countries, 900+ Applied Anthro Collab Group members and 12,000+ social media followers.

AAN membership is free. However, joining EASA as a paying member you will enjoy more benefits

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For further questions, contact Communication Manager Verónica Reyero:

For institutional partnerships, contact Network Manager Pavel Borecký:


The Network is run by a rotating team of volunteers that are passionate about applied anthropology, who work collaboratively and remotely. Convenors of the Network are professionally active in academic and/or corporate worlds and deeply committed to the development of applied anthropology across borders. Serving convenors are elected by AAN members for two to up to four consecutive years at network meetings. Maximum number of convenors is five. Convenors need to be paying members of EASA and members of AAN.

Current Convenors

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AAN Founders and Executive Advisors

AAN Advisory Board

Ellen Bal, Sandra Bell, Alenka Bezjak Mlakar, Jurij Fikfak, Duška Knežević Hočevar, Rajko Muršič, Lawrence Agbemabiese, Lu Ann De Cunzo, Lenora Bohren, Simone Borile, Ülo Valk, Carlo A. Cubero, Kristin Kuutma, Art Leete, Desirée Pangerc, Jaka Repič, Klāvs Sedlenieks, Veronica Strang, Peter Simonič, Giulia Sinatti, Rhoda Woets, Ana Margarida Ferreira, Catherine Williams, Alisse Waterston, Sarah Pink

AAN Partners

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