Network Panels

"Applying anthropology across disciplinary, professional and territorial borders: practical and engaging case studies"
AAN panel at EASA Biennial conference 2020

Veronica Reyero Meal (Antropología 2.0)
Pavel Borecký (University of Bern)

The Applied Anthropology Network´s motto, "Applying anthropology across disciplinary, professional and territorial borders", expresses our commitment to pushing the advancement of anthropology in other areas such as design, technology and economy, creating new opportunities for our discipline.

“The Mobility of Applied Anthropologists: In and out of Fields and Between Jobs”
AAN Panel at EASA 2018

Siew-Peng Lee (Brunel University)
Margaret Bullen (University of the Basque Country)

This panel will seek to explore spaces where anthropological training is applied outside the university: amongst people on the move over space and time, in design and technology, and personal accounts of moving in and out of such 'applied' jobs while juggling with the resulting precariousness.

“Applied Anthropology as a Source of Innovation”
AAN Panel at EASA 2014

Dan Podjed (ZRC SAZU)
Rachael Gooberman-Hill (University of Bristol)

The panel featured eight papers and was attended by approximately 30 participants. The panelists discussed how current applied anthropology in Europe compares with applied anthropology elsewhere, and tried to establish the most relevant and promising opportunities for development of the discipline.

Network Meetings

Network meeting 2024 (Barcelona, 24 July)
The meeting will take place at the EASA2024 Conference, Facultat de Geografia i Història 309.

Network Meeting 2020 (Prague, online, 17 October)
43 participants joined the Network Meeting hosted online during WWNA 2020. The convenors reported on their activities in this difficult year and discussed the mission and vision to respond better to covid-19 challenges with current and new members. Additionally, Apply Awards as new quality benchmark competition, Satellite Events as a scale-up model of AAN impact, role of National Ambassadors and position of Apply Clubs were addressed and presented.

Interim Meeting 2019 (Oslo, Norway)
45 participants joined the Network Meeting at WWNA 2019 in Oslo (historically the highest number). The convenors reported on their activities in 2019. Hélène Veiga Gomes introduced WWNA Satellite Events, the current “scaling-up impact” model of AAN, and the results of two “satellites” were presented by Anna Berza and Hélène Veiga Gomes and Laura Korčulanin. The participants split into four workshop groups to generate momentum for the next stage in the execution of “Development Plan 2019-2021”. No special elections were held in Oslo.

Interim Meeting 2018 (Lisbon, Portugal)
At the Interim Meeting two new convenors Pardis Shafafi and Laura Korčulanin were elected by technical vote of 21 attendees. Additionally, to substitute outgoing Pablo Mondragón Valero, WWNA 2018 team member Hélène Veiga Gomes was appointed as WWNA Satellite Event manager. The next focal points of the meeting were the assessment of WWNA 2019 and the second workshop on "satellite event" concept. Furthermore, the position of National Ambassadors, who are to support the organisation of Satellite Events in future, was formulated. Participants from Romania, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Denmark and the UK volunteered to take over the responsibility in their respective countries. At the meeting Dan Podjed officially announced his resignation from the post of AAN convenor.

EASA Conference 2018 (Stockholm, Sweden)
Responding to the growing interest, 20 attendees of the Annual Meeting were presented with "satellite event" concept and discussed Development Plan 2019-2022. The general framework was approved and two of the participants volunteered to organise events in 2019. At the meeting Meta Gorup officially announced her resignation from the post of AAN convenor.

Interim Meeting 2017 (Durham, UK)
On 29 October the Network held an annual meeting. The 2017 event had been evaluated and the framework for the sixth symposium „Designing the Future“ (Lisbon, 26-27 October 2018) discussed. App. 30 attendees (eight EASA members eligible to vote) have appointed Pablo Mondragón Valero network manager, and Verónica Reyero the fourth convenor of the Network. The other topics revolved around the cooperation and funding. The overall impression is positive with Network being active and its members showing interest to develop new activities.

Interim Meeting 2016 (Tartu, Estonia)
On 5 November 2016, EASA Applied Anthropology Network held an interim meeting, which was especially important for strengthening the Network’s Executive Board. Approximately 25 attendees (among them 6 EASA members, who were eligible for voting) elected the third network co-convenor, Pavel Borecký (PhD researcher at University of Bern, Switzerland), and a US-Europe liaison Carla Guerrón-Montero (Assistant Professor at University of Delaware, US).

EASA Conference 2016 (Milan, Italy)
In July the network held an official meeting attended by approximately 25 participants. It was decided that the network continues organising the annual event for the promotion and popularisation of anthropology and broadens its orientation to other applied fields, such as applied development and medical anthropology. Initiatives for regionalisation of network activities on national levels were proposed and the decision to take care of promotion of applied anthropology in Europe through new events and publications was taken. Network members also discussed the necessity for rotation of network's management, i.e. the biennial election of network convenors. They decided to prepare a call for a new network convenor.

EASA Conference 2014 (Tallinn, Estonia)
At the EASA conference the Network held a meeting and decided on its future strategy. Approximately 20 participants decided to continue organising the annual event ‘Why the world needs anthropologists,’ to carry our regionalisation of network activities (e.g. through local events), to take care of promotion of applied anthropology in Europe through events and publications, and to investigate possibilities of preparing a European study programme in applied anthropology.

EASA Conference 2012 (Paris, France)